The Vision

Preventing the development of overt and covert racism in very young children ages 1-5 with a particular emphasis on
white children.

Watch the video above to learn more about the mission of Before Racism.

Before Racism

Racial information is an important aspect of young children’s social worlds. They are neither colorblind nor naïve about race. Not only do they notice racial differences from an early age; they are susceptible, through developmental and socialization processes, to developing bias from an early age.”

Gloria Boutte, Julia Lopez-Robertson, and Beth Powers-Costello; Mary E. Earick

Before Racism is an emerging early childhood educational program designed to support and improve the ways very young children learn about, form, internalize, and express attitudes regarding racial identity and racial intolerance. Before Racism will explore and address the concept of differences in people that children observe at a very young age and begin to make judgments about as they grow older. The program’s initial focus will be on attitudes and behaviors related to Black people; over time, this experiential learning and teaching model will be extended to other populations of color in our society.