Additional Program Details

More About WHO

The roles of each group of program participants will be clearly delineated and documented in the program’s content (see The Program [WHAT] section of this website for more detail). A critical component of the program will be the methods that these various groups use to communicate with and learn from each other.

Online communication tools will be an integral part of the program with separate platforms made available for each target audience. For example, a Parent Portal will be developed to encourage parents to both ask questions about the program and their child as well as offer suggestions for improvement. Teachers and childcare professionals will similarly be able to communicate with each other using discussion boards and other online methods to interact with each other and provide ongoing feedback to improve the program.

The first phase of design and delivery will focus on professionals in preschool and in licensed childcare center environments; a second phase will extend the reach of the program to other existing settings in which children ages 1–5 years receive education, social, and/or personal support including programs such as Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) and Head Start.