Additional Program Details

More About WHAT

The following descriptions outline the core components of the Before Racism™ program: (1) Implementation Guide, (2) Foundational Resources, (3) Possible Learning Modules, and (4) Delivery Methods.

Implementation Guide:

  • Learning objectives for each module
  • Learning activities/lesson plans for each module
  • Play and storytelling suggestions
  • Recommended books
  • Role of artwork, music, and other media in delivering each module
  • Assessments (as appropriate) for each module and the overall program

Foundational Resources:

  • Summary and application of Before Racism principles
  • Communication guidelines and materials (between and among Before Racism specialists, teachers, childcare professionals, and parents)
  • Checklist for setting up a supportive environment
  • Strategies to engage parents as reinforcers of what their child is learning
  • Supporting materials (articles, research studies, etc.)
  • Troubleshooting guidance
  • Alignment of Before Racism content with early education standards (only in pilot states to begin with)

Possible Learning Modules:

Specific learning modules will be developed to aid preschool teachers and childcare professionals in a number of areas including examining and understanding one’s own biases, setting up the learning environment, establishing and reinforcing a child’s own self-worth, and recognizing and honoring differences between people.

Delivery Methods:

  • Online (allowing individuals to both learn at their own pace and engage with others interactively in real time)
  • Print
  • In person