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Before Racism Resources

As parents and caregivers, you want your child to succeed in school, work, and life. Your children will be tomorrow’s leaders, working and living alongside this rich diversity of people. Before Racism helps your child grow up to embrace differences and thrive in this increasingly diverse world.

Before Racism reaches children at their earliest stages of development – at the first moments they start to notice and feel differences between themselves and their peers – and to make judgments and develop biases about those differences. We combine science and developmentally appropriate best practices – from using play and small group conversations to storytelling and a child’s own artwork – to create an environment that is safe, open, interactive, and consistent, and fosters a strong sense of self-worth and sense of belonging.

Learn more by watching the following 3 short videos, created to introduce Before Racism to the parents whose children attend daycares and preschools that use the Before Racism program.

Introduction to Before Racism (2 min)

How to celebrate diversity at home (3:20 min)

How race bias develops in young children (3:30 min)

Additional Resources

There are many great resources online for parents, caregivers, educators, and kids to explore and learn about diversity – and how to discuss diversity with a very young child. Three good resources are the Early Risers Podcast, Sesame Workshop, and PBS Kids.

Early Risers Podcast

Sesame Workshop

PBS Kids

Children’s Book (coming soon)