Research & Evaluation

Extensive science research and continuous evaluation are the hallmarks of Before Racism.

Early Childhood Development and Anti-Bias Education Research

The developers of the Before Racism™ program have conducted extensive reviews of journal articles, book chapters, professional association publications, and other source materials related to the development and education of very young children. Subject matter experts, both academics and practitioners, in the field of early childhood development and education have contributed to our research as well. Our work included a review of foundational work that has already been done in anti-bias education focused on very young children as well as research that identifies the potential impact of anti-racism programs. 


Before Racism is committed to ongoing evaluation and improvement of the Before Racism program. The initial focus of evaluation during the pilot phase is to gain feedback from the childcare and preschool teachers and staff as to the effectiveness of the program on helping them understand how biases develop in very young children, understand their own biases and how they can impact the children in their classroom and gain skills in dealing with parents and caregivers around questions of bias with their children.