The integration of science and developmentally-appropriate early childhood educational practice is one of the hallmarks of the Before Racism™ program.

This section identifies resources that reflect a range of topics that have informed—and will continue to inform—the development of the Before Racism program including data that support the need for such a program, information that will help both teachers and parents understand how very young children acquire anti-bias attitudes and behaviors, and guidelines regarding how to establish teaching and learning environments in which such attitudes and behaviors can be formed. Taken together, this information will help identify how the Before Racism program can support the work preschool teachers and childcare professionals are already doing to stem the development of bias and racism in very young children.

These resources are presented in two sections: (1) early childhood development and education best practices and (2) cognitive science and neuroscience scholarly research and writings.

Specific references are provided in each section with links to selected studies and publications. You are encouraged to review these resources to get a deeper understanding of the research that has been done in this area.

This list of resources will continue to be updated on this site throughout the program’s development and program implementation. If you have research that you believe is relevant and would be helpful to our program, please complete and return the Contact Form in the Contact Us section of this website.