More About What

Before Racism™ is partnering with the instructional design firm Six Red Marbles ( to develop the curricular content and delivery methods of the program. A central element of the program will be 10 learning modules, each of which will provide both tailored content and learning activities designed to deliver the Before Racism program in preschool and childcare settings.

Listed below are the names of each individual module.

Each module includes:

  • Specific learning objectives
  • Opportunities to reflect on one’s own experiences and apply those experiences to one’s own teaching and setting
  • Opportunities to interact with others as part of the overall learning experience
  • Specific activities designed to deepen one’s understanding in the topics being covered
  • Suggestions as to how best to continue one’s own personal and professional journey

Suggestions are also provided regarding how best to integrate the Before Racism program into your current instructional processes, how to establish a community within your own setting to help ensure the sharing of questions and ideas among your peers, and how to create your own short-term and long-term action plans as part of your commitment to help prevent the development of overt and covert racism in very young children.

The Before Racism program will be delivered through a variety of media, including online learning, print material, video clips, Zoom sessions, written exercises and activities, and in-person discussions.